AOA & Ceras Health - paired for excellence

The American Osteopathic Association

As part of the AOA Member Value Program, Ceras Health provides doctors with the advanced technology to make patient-centered healthcare easier, faster and more profitable. The platform offers remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, behavioral health integration and virtual care services —all in realtime.

Our cloud-based patient communication platform enables you to digitally connect with your patients, monitor adherence and quickly create and edit care plans from a rich library of evidence based clinical protocols. Patients feel more in control by playing a role in managing their own healthcare and having a direct connection with their doctors and care team. Doctors are able to improve profits by decreasing the number of office no shows and hospital readmissions.

Patient-centric care made simple with one tool

Ceras partners with members to deliver care with realtime technology and innovative service programs.

60% of US adults have a chronic disease. Ceras Health provides remote monitoring which studies have shown can improve patient outcomes.

80% of patients drop out of their chronic care management plans. Ceras Health technology helps doctors gather data about patient behavior and deliver interventions.

20% of patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge. Ceras Health helps doctors improve their profit by decreasing the number of office no shows and decreasing hospital readmissions.

$11,500 is spent by Medicare annually on patients with chronic conditions. Some telehealth and digital health services provided by Ceras are covered under Medicare and Medicaid.

Ceras Health makes the management of chronic care faster, easier and more profitable.

Improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Engage patients and improve outcomes outside of the conventional clinical setting with the collection and interpretation of digitally transmitted patient-generated health data.

Chronic Care Management

Provide continuous care to patients with two or more chronic conditions through constant communication, proactive monitoring, increased access to care outside the doctor’s office, and coordination of care.

Behavioral Health Integration

Enhance typical primary care services by integrating behavioral health services into your practice settings for better care and health for the whole person.

Transitional Care Management

Keep patients healthier by preventing unnecessary relapses and readmissions by addressing the hand-off period between the inpatient and community setting.