SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 10, 2016 – Self Health Network, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare software services, announced today that it has officially changed its name to Ceras Health, Inc. (Ceras HealthTM). As part of a rebranding initiative, the name change reflects the company’s transition from its original focus on wellness to commercializing its proprietary technology I’M HOME!® for patient engagement, communication and remote monitoring as it approaches its next stage of growth.

The name Ceras was inspired by the Latin word “cera” meaning beeswax, or honeycomb. The company’s brand is inspired by bees whose secret to survival is communicating and working together for the well-being of the hive. Honey was widely used in ancient Rome as an antibiotic and a topical treatment for wound care after surgery. Honey was also an elixir, referred to as “liquid gold”, thought to prolong life. I’M HOME!®, provides a platform where patients, providers, and caregivers have real time, private communication tools for the improvement of each individual’s health and well-being.

“As we are growing our position in the marketplace with I’M HOME!, it was time to create a brand image consistent with the benefits of the platform,” said Kevin Murphy, President and CEO of Ceras Health.

The rebranding initiative includes a new logo and visual identity, along with a new website that can be found at www.cerashealth.com. As changes are effective immediately, all business activity going forward will be undertaken with the company’s new name.

About Ceras Health, Inc.

Ceras Health, Inc. f/k/a Self Health Network Inc., (Ceras Health®) has developed a patent pending SaaS platform, I’M HOME!®, that supports patients’ adherence to pre- and post- discharge care plans, provides patients and care team members the ability to measure and track health data, and enables individuals to get better and stay better by providing access to condition-specific health information. I’M HOME! is applicable across a wide range of clinical areas including perinatal care, congestive heart failure, COPD, pneumonia, bariatric surgery, orthopedics, pediatric heart surgery and others. Based in San Francisco, the company continues to commercialize this service with hospitals and health plans to enable improved outcomes, lower healthcare costs and reduced labor through enhanced care coordination and patient adherence. For more information, visit www.cerashealth.com.


Ceras Health, Inc. Contact: Tanya Gabriele (415) 477-9910 tgabriele@cerashealth.com