Continuous Health Monitoring Platform for Providers

Real-Time Health Insights with Advanced Monitoring Devices for Enhanced Patient Care

  • Enhancing Patient Care

    Patient Care

  • Increasing Efficiency


  • Enabling Early Intervention

    Enabling Early

Our Solutions

Detect health deterioration and offer personalized interventions for illness management with device monitoring, data analysis, and patient engagement tools.

Have the information needed to make key decisions and support your patient’s health journey.

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    Integration with Devices

    Physiological Data Collection
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    Data Streaming

    Physiological Data Collection
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    Realtime Patient Summary

    Physiological Data Collection

Our Impact

Patient Engagements

Our Impact

Unleash Your Practice’s Cost-Saving Potential

Harness Our Technologies for Maximum Savings.

Disclaimer: The rates and potential savings presented are estimates for informational purposes only and do not constitute a commitment or guarantee. Actual results may vary. Rates are based upon CMS data and reimbursement rates for your area.

+$ 3,729
Total practice savings per patient per year
-$ 375
Preventative Programs
+$ 880
Reduction in Medication Costs
-$ 1,769
+$ 4,500
Reduction in Hospital length of stay
+$ 493
Reduction in ER Visits